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Solving Challenges with Warehouse Automation

In today's fast-paced business landscape, warehousing and supply chain management face numerous challenges. As labor shortages, productivity demands, supply chain disruptions, and the surge in e-commerce continue to evolve, companies are seeking innovative solutions to stay competitive and efficient. Automation has emerged as a transformative force, addressing these challenges head-on and offering unparalleled benefits.

Labor Shortages icon

Labor Shortages

Addressing the persistent challenge of finding skilled labor in warehousing, automation provides a reliable solution by reducing dependence on human workers for repetitive tasks. Robotic pickers and AGVs ensure seamless operations, irrespective of labor shortages

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Productivity Enhancement

Automation optimizes efficiency through streamlined processes, error reduction, and increased throughput. Robotics, conveyors, and automated sorting systems boost productivity, enabling quicker order fulfillment and heightened customer satisfaction

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Supply Chain Disruptions

In the face of supply chain disruptions, automation ensures adaptability and resilience through real-time data analytics, predictive maintenance, and automated inventory management, empowering agile decision-making for minimal operational disruption.

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E-commerce Surge

The e-commerce boom has transformed consumer expectations and created a demand for faster, more accurate order fulfillment. Automation is the key to efficiently handling high order volumes and picking whilst meeting the evolving expectations of today's consumers.

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Our advisory services provide you with a roadmap to operational brilliance. While you're embarking on a new automation journey our experts are ready to offer tailored guidance inline with business goals. Automation requires more than just technology; it demands strategic insight.

Mission Platform (TM)

Our engineering team tirelessly to build a system that maximizes flow and throughput while minimizing errors in storage & fulfillment. We thrive in a fast paced and time sensitive environments. We're all about maximizing value in the software we build -- while elevating user experiences.


In the intricate realm of automation, where every centimeter holds significance, our design team delve into the art and science of selecting precise automation solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our guidance ensures that your investment is not only wise but considers crucial factors like ROI.

Project Management

Independent of the systems in place, we strive to play the advisory role with our clients to achieve operational excellence. By transferring hands-on knowledge from our team to yours, we ensure you're making the best use of your investment from start to finish.

Our Solutions

Choosing the right solution can be very time intensive and require thorough understanding of the products you store. Without the right guidance or datasets, this activity can put you in a difficult position, possibly halting the project as a whole or a heavy capital investment that extends ROI.

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Supply Chain Solutions

The Challenge: Manual Handling Woes

Manual handling of goods presents a myriad of challenges—time-consuming processes, labor-intensive tasks, and a landscape riddled with errors. These inefficiencies not only cause delays in the supply chain but also translate into lost revenue, diminished customer satisfaction, and soaring operational costs.

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Mission PlatformTM

Navigating possibilities, Powering Excellence

In an era where customer expectations demand excellence in availability, cost, and speed, businesses face the challenge of delivering on all fronts. The evolving market dynamics, intricate product portfolios, and shifts in the labor force underscore the need for automation to fuel sustainable growth.

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Read all about’s success stories

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Shop Raha

Redefine grocery shopping, infuse offline experiences with online and elevate the entire experience was at top of mind for this venture. An end-to-solution was the goal of Shop Raha when we brief and boy did we deliver! An end-to-end solution integrated with an automated warehouse.

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Smooth Logistics

In a bold move to redefine e-commerce logistics in Kuwait, Smooth Logistics contracted to build a warehouse for 3PL operations. Our goal was to automate fulfillment, banish reliance on manual labor, and catapult their workforce productivity two fold.

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